MM Marketing Blog Latest Products Fri, 21 Jun 2024 22:57:33 +0530 en-us PVC Suction Pipes- revolutionary product to make transportation simpler Mon, 27 May 2019 17:09:24 +0530 PVC suction pipes or hoses are the most suitable product for suction and delivery of liquids or gases in varied applications with its biggest strength against rubber. Earlier rubber pipes used to be sole equipment for transferring or suction of various liquid or gases. However, with the advent of PVC, Poly Vinyl Chloride, a synthetic plastic polymer, it has become convenient. These hoses are made convenient, lightweight and flexible as compared to the rubber pipes by all leading PVC suction pipe suppliers in India.   Application Area: PVC Suction pipes are is used in  • Agriculture,  • Fluid and chemical transfer,  • Vacuum Lines, • General Water Suction & Discharge,  • Hopper Feeder Lines for Resin,  • Irrigation Lines,  • Mining Pumps,  • Food & Syrup Handling, etc.   The hose is composed of spiral reinforcement of Rigid PVC into Soft PVC.  Usages of PVC suction hose   1. Used with electrical, oil or diesel engines 2. Used in all types of water distribution in both irrigation and agriculture 3. Suction and delivery of saline water, light acids, alkalis, and other light chemicals 4. Conveying of raw materials in granular form 5. General pumping and suction application in the agriculture industry and construction   Advantages of PVC suction pipes   • Lightweight: this hose has no percentage of rubber which makes it easy to carry and install. • Flexibility: The flexibility of PVC pipes is retained for many years, can be bent as desired and no kinking or bulging could be seen even in the most severe working conditions. • Resistance: It shows tough resistance in high pressure and along with most of the chemicals, light acids, alkalis excepting solvents. Hence, it is ideal for high-pressure suction and delivery of water. • Weatherproof: irrespective of weather conditions it is easily installed even to non-standard couplings. • Smooth Bore: Allows smooth and fast flowing of components.    Other varieties of PVC suction pipes   • Non-toxic PVC Suction Pipes This variety of pipes has revolutionized the food industry as they can be safely used for conveying food products like milk, beverages, powdered cereals, etc, which otherwise is easily perishable. These are also used in the suction and discharge of beer, wine, ice-cream, chocolates, peppermint, etc. Its total transparency allows a better visualization of the ticket of the products and, its total smooth internal face does not allow to the setting of residues, preventing contamination.   • PVC Flexible Suction Pipe  These are available in the transparent, translucent and opaque color that meet the individual requirement of our clients. Our range is available in various sizes, diameters ranging from 4.5 mm to 50 mm with wall thickness varying from 0.75 mm to 6 mm. PVC suction pipe suppliers in Tamil Nadu provide PVC tubes in non-toxic as per the customer’s requirement.    Application:   1. It is used as leveling tubes in constructions   2. It finds application in automobiles & laboratories   3. It can be used for domestic pesticide spraying & water spraying etc   4. It can be used in gardening general water transportation water connections & other daily applications   Where to buy PVC pipes?    There are numerous PVC Suction Pipes Suppliers in India. They can provide the following facilities: • Industry leading rates • Facilitate safe packaging • Superior quality materials • Products inspected by quality analysts • Supplies within the assured time and without any inconvenience PVC pipe fitting s and their utility Mon, 19 Aug 2019 12:47:46 +0530 PVC pipes are gradually gaining significance all over the globe as it can offer highly durable services that are quite reliable. Many users that may include engineers, contractors, several industries etc have been availing the services of PVC pipes. As a result of many advantages in the performance of PVC pipes, people opt to use them and these pipes have also successfully replaced several traditional materials.  Commonly, the white pipes used for drainage and plumbing, are PVC pipes. It is a popular replacement of the traditional metal pipes. There are four major reasons for the popularity of the PVC plastic pipes – durability, strength, affordable cost, and easy installation. Polyvinyl chloride is actually a thermoplastic material that can easily be molded into different sizes and shapes of pipes, valves, fittings, etc. The PVC pipes are fitted by using a wide range of attachments like reducers, tail pieces, adapters, tee fittings, and much more.   Characteristics of the range offered by the PVC pipe fitting suppliers in Tamil Nadu:   Ø Performs extremely strong under any types of pressure Ø Will not rust for a long time when exposed to moisture or any bad weather condition Ø Offers resistance against crushes Ø Light in weight Ø Available in different lengths Ø Whether the construction areas or individual houses, it can be used in every plumbing work Ø Easy to replace. It is better than copper plumbing. It will never corrode and will last for long years Ø Usually, these come in white and dark gray colored pipes   There are several benefits of using PVC pipes over other materials that can be described below as:    • Flexible in use: PVC pipes have emerged highly resistant to fractures as they are manufactured from robust PVC compound. These pipes are largely used where the roads bear excessive external loading. The flexibility and elasticity of PVC pipes have proved quite beneficial for buried application in particular for those areas where soil movement or vibrations may take place.    • Offers resistance to chemicals: These pipes also highlight amazing resistance to several chemical reagents and germicidal chemicals. These pipes have emerged quite beneficial for many water infrastructure projects as they can easily supply several powerful acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, alkalis, flurodies, mineral oils, brine, alcohols etc without any issues.    • Economical: These pipes have emerged to be highly economical and can save huge cost for several projects. These pipes witness low breakage rate. They offer better longevity in comparison to other material and function more effectively and efficiently. They also bring down the maintenance cost and proved to be affordable for users. If you choose these pipes for your projects, not only you will get the advantage of low material cost but also low installation expenses as a result of better productivity.    • No leakage: These pipes offer leak free joints which save your water as absence of leak free joints help you get rid of water loss in the longer run. The usage of elastomeric seal can easily join the pvc pipes where there is a breakage.    • Offers resistance to corrosion: Sometimes pipelines suffer damage as a result of corrosion that take place in the conventional old iron pipes which will risk the capacity to supply safe drinking water to users. The problem has emerged universal in many parts of the world. PVC pipes have displayed great strength to underground external corrosion and internal corrosion. PVC pipes do not incur any kind of corrosion and proved to be highly robust.    Therefore, we can conclude here that PVC pipes fitting suppliers in India are gaining a huge popularity and have set a strong example for other states. Other states now prefer pvc pipes in comparison to other materials